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Vertiv XTE 201, 120VAC-NiCd

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Vertiv XTE 201 120 VAC [F2015002] Power / Small Cell Power and Ni-Cd Battery Equipment Enclosure is designed to support remote radio deployments at the network edge.

Outdoor Compact Small Cell and Radio Unit Power Cabinet

Packing substantial DC power output and backup capacity in a compact, maintenance-free design, the Vertiv XTE™ 201 Series fully supports your distributed remote radio deployments. Its compact power, equipment and battery enclosures are perfectly-designed for small cell sites — and ideal is for pole-mount applications.

Vertiv XTE 201, 120VAC-NiCd:

  • Integrated Netsure 502 DC power delivering up to 2325 watts of power designed to fully power multiple remote radio heads
  • vertiv-netxtend-xte-200 SeriesHigh efficiency 2000 watt eSure™ rectifiers reduce power consumption
  • Designed to fully power multiple remote radio units
  • Supports Ethernet and SNMP communication protocol
  • Pole, pad, H-Frame or wall mounted
  • Optional solar shields for high temperature applications
  • Accommodates 48V strings of Ni-Cd batteries
  • Low profile, low maintenance solution
  • Geared specifically for small cell deployments in urban settings
  • Ideal where space restrictions and availability are premium

Vertiv XTE 201 Series equipment and battery enclosures:

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