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Spirent Spirent Wireless Devices Services

Lab and field testing and analytics

Assuring that wireless devices and services work as expected

As technology transforms at rapid pace and the complexity of systems grows, mobile providers must deliver continuous high-quality network services across all devices and services. Spirent provides testing and analytics in the lab and in the field to ensure that the Quality of Experience of wireless communication devices and services meet and exceed expectations, before and after launch.


Measuring massive MIMO using over-the-Air techniques


Easily create complex 5G test scenarios


Video quality challenges

Solution brief

Ensuring quality for over-the-top video streaming applications
This eBook describes an innovative approach to testing the Massive MIMO antenna arrays that will be an integral part of the new 5G network technology.
Spirent’s Advanced Channel Modeling software allows simple creation of highly complicated propagation scenarios such as massive MIMO and high-speed vehicle. Simply select from an intuitive menu of parameters, or import any or all of them, and then build the desired environment in a few clicks.
This poster details the many types of video that can be transmitted over numerous delivery mechanisms, the various factors that can affect video quality, and three key methodologies that can be used to evaluate performance.
Spirent’s Umetrix Video is a leading-edge methodology to evaluate video performance without the need for a reference source and now supports over-the-top streaming video services. Learn more in this solution brief.


RF channel emulation

Spirent RF


Understand the user experience of your devices and services (video, data and voice) before they reach your customers.

Automated testing

Auto Device test


Automate testing of mobile devices for adherence to standards and acceptance onto carrier networks.

UIX measurement


Umetrix video, data and voice

Understand the user experience of your devices and services (video, data and voice) before they reach your customers.

Field evaluation

Field Evaluation


Evaluate device and network readiness to assure quality of experience.